Listen these words What ever I am saying…!

A ride we are taking, A game we are playing.

The game is called life, Where fluctuations always arrives !!

Its a continuous journey, which never stops for anyone.

This is the major rule of life the lesson I learnt.

Its the tricky way where we learn 

from pains,

Sometimes we loose and sometimes we gain.

Very few are here who stands for your appreciation,

Only some are lovers and give dedication.

Life is a zic-zak way and a roller coaster ride, 

full of multiple challenges and a formal fight. 

This fight we have to do willingly or deliberately

Quit not this and live accordingly ! 

Bright and dark comes like day and night,

remember’ if there is a other day will be delight.

If we don’t stand for something, we may fall for anything !

If we take annoucement of courage, Albeit, it removes the ton of distress.

Every lifes faze is an opportunity to learn something new,

A quitter never wins, and the winners are few!

Don’t go the way the life takes you where,

Take the way you like to go there!

Flaunt your confidence, rise your boost,

Live like a legend as winning in blood and ooze!!

Be true to your self As your destiny is waiting,

Set your goal in such a way like its only for your grabbing !!

I have faith and conviction all will win the life in their battle,

Will spread love and generous altogether And creat the ora..where life will be settle!!

  • :

    Getting experiences of life each day.

    I am gradually understanding the life's meanings !!



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