Do the dishes!
Today will be a lazy day,
Like the ones that they show on TV,
I can stay in bed all day
And eat all the food I want.
Walk the dog!
There are no rules on lazy days,
No chores,
No homework,
No responsibilities.
Clean your room!

Or apparently not – as it seems,
Lots to do apparently.
My parents are doing nothing.
Just sat watching Eastenders,
And eating all the snacks I saved.
Why can’t they do the chores?
See how it feels to work all day,
Then come home and clean the house.

They shout and tell me off,
Make me work,
They hit me and tell me I’m bad.
I’m stupid.
I’m not worth the time.

Tomorrow will be different though,
Because I won’t be there to do the chores,
I’ll take the rest of time off.
I’ll finally get the lazy day I crave,
Whilst watching my parents do the chores, 
From the comfort of my bed.

    Hi there my name is Pine! I love cartoons like Gravity Falls and like to write stories and poems in my free time! I am a teenager who likes to write grim/dark stories and poetry or based off of my personal experiences. I never usually use rhyming unless it fits with the poem. My favourite form of poem is normally not using a rhyme scheme and one stanza. I like to listen to Melanie Martinez and Dark Vocaloid songs to get me in the mood to write poems. I hope you enjoy my poetry! (published once in 2011)



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