His engine died!
blood red seats became faint
as the lights went off.

We all knew something was wrong,
strangers sharing silence,
and a mutual inconvenience.

I had a feeling I’d be late,
more concerned I could no longer
devour “Enchantment” by Guy.

We all left obediently.
The voice in the microphone,
cool and corporate,
lacked details and truth,

Some fought over cabs.
I marched thanking Mother Nature,
for the fresh air – polluted by us

2 paramedics
2 fire trucks
at least 5 pigs.

Someone jumped,
said the city nomad to the
6th pig walking in the opposite direction.

I was late – Irrelevant!
sadness consumed me.
I wish the poor soul was late.
or maybe the train?

things would be different?
with an extra thought?
or universe?

Mr. nobody to us,
but maybe everything to someone.




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