A Sunday at 8 am yet I’m so tired
Stayed up all night with another frisky lady  
When I was done I showed her the door
Only cared for the women body  
Never cared for the drama that comes after
Must take a nap now  
Lay my body to the bed and pull the covers  
Shut my eyes and fall into dream land
“Thunder strikes”
A storm?… How long was I out?
“knock! knock!…Fire! Fire!”
I jump out of bed and rush to the door
But the house is filling with water rapidly  
I can’t get to the door
“knock!! knock!!…Fire!! Fire!!
There is no fire just liquid
The water rises up to my waist  
Hitting me like waves
My eyes start to see a blurry door as I drown  
I wake up… the sun is out  
Was it all just a dream?
“knock! knock!…”
Be right there!
As I try to get up I see a hand grab my left arm
Then another my right  
Then two more my legs!
Arms coming out of the bed holding me down  
“knock!! knock!!…”
Help! Help!
The arms pull me apart till there’s nothing left
I wake up… Its night  
Look out the window and snow is falling  
A total white out covers the sky and ground
“knock!, knock!… I have come for you!”
 A sexy lady voice… I can’t resist
I walk toward the door fixing my hair and brushing my teeth with my finger  
I open the door and to my surprise  
A grim reaper in a lady form  
Not bones and cloth but sexy leather with a death knife?  
“I am the reaper sent here to take you to hell!”
Hell?… But it’s heaven that I seek!  
“You womanized and used women to feed your lust  
Got what you wanted then treated them like trash  
Even now your cock gets hard looking at my chest  
If you look into my mind you would find wonders far greater than lust  
But you are hopeless and for that you will burn for the hurt you gave to these hearts”
No there has to be another way, please!
“Well I may have an idea…”
Yes anything!
“I shell make you a small insect  
The lowest of creatures that people want to step on!  
You make it through your life without being squashed
Then heaven will be the place I lead you too”
A bug?… Was I really that bad?  
I must redeem myself and focus on getting back my heaven  
So do it then! Make me a bug! I will fight and live with nothing but courage  
I have the fire and will change my ways  
Will survive even when all seems lost
Make me reborn!

  • :

    This poem is about a dream I had mixed with relationship issues.    



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