I was once a happy little girl

Now I’m a total insane maid

I cant feel pain

Anymore I’m shot

By a silver bullet I ended

But I relived again

And ended my life and all

I was saved by a blaze

Saved by a flame

But its just another way to die

Just another way to hide

From one of you spells

I am cursed

And dead 

and alive

I ran away

Still alive

But got away with dead eyes



I shoot myself

I strangle you

I die alone

With no fire

I die alone

I shoot myself

I strangle you

I die now


Just another way to die

I die alone, with an ax

And come along, with a hole in my head

I died five years ago

and now I’m gone

Leave me alone

I’m meant to die

And all I want to say is…

Its just another way to die…

  • :

    I don't wanna live any longer, just, I have to die...



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