My Jaan,

This was once in a lifetime opportunity,

But I met you with frailty.

We was destined to meet, share true love with respect and humbleness,

And not be in a mess.

Then suddenly it all became memories,

Now I just think about our journeys (of life)

I live in the past, will die with you in my heart.

And that’s the time when we truly depart.

Until then, try keep in touch, you never know what the future holds.

I love you more than a million folds.

Be good and take care my jaan, you were everything I ever wanted,

Who can change the almighties decision,

With you in my heart, my life was precision.

Many things to share, but I know you do no not care.

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    Buji - My lost love ! ! !

I am a male, mid 30's. Have been thinking of writing poems for many years since losing the love of my life (Buji). I miss her so much, she was, is and will always be the love of my life. I'm gambling on the fact she will come across my message one day or another.



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