The dreams I once had
turned into a purpose
driving me harder and stronger
My focus deeper and longer

I flew high and far
never knew where I’d go
I drummed in time flying
Fell exhausted from trying

But now I see the visions
I once had so strong
somehow changed their daring
left me in the dunes staring

I grew up and changed
My heart set on greatness
witnessed miracles come and go
watched the pale moon dream and glow

Then the darkness fell
leaving the aches inside
Life isn’t a three act play
Drama is not tuned to my way

People can get feisty
and daring and bright
Human nature grows in time
to the birth of the sublime

Then the dreams we once had
that stirred us on and on
withered up and blew
as we changed and grew

Reaching for something else
A subtler, softer place
The depths of our heart
Bring us to a new start









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    I've been reading the poet, Mark Nepo. He inspired me to write this poem.

I write to express the great experience of life. I write about love, social issues, the envirnoment, humanity, peace, war, life, and everything else that affects my presence on earth. I try to help people with my writing, and bring them to a better place, or an unusual way of perceiving something.



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