In a beautiful spring day,

I decided to date with the nature

Though the scorching sun was beyond my height

Swiftly, heard the sounds of beautiful creature

Inhaling the scent of cool air

 It refreshed my mind,

I smiled when the breeze blew my hair

Continuing my footsteps, being gratified

Heading towards grassy land

And crept to catch the colorful butterflies


Suddenly, noticed the sweet aroma

I wondered where they are from

I thought of blossoming flowers

Or the smell of wet soil

Puzzled for a second

Ah!!! Just wanted to spend hours and hours

Felt like I was in heaven


Overwhelmed with its beauty

I lost myself in it

Vanished in its charming magnificence

I thought, I was dreaming,

But it was real as I saw beautiful greenery

Chirping sounds of birds

Eye pleasing scenery

Wondered as if I was having a capsule to rejuvenate

Left with Many unanswered queries to communicate


Looking at the clear blue sky

With the changing shapes of the clouds

As they were very high

I imagined their conversation

Being speechless, not even a word to explain

What a delightful moment!!!

Lavished with its priceless gifts

Yet unsatisfied heart

And unexplained enjoyment!!!!


By Surya Maya Maharjan


  • :

    These words emerged when, I along with my friends were in a garden. Remembering all those beautiful moments, I decided to penned it.



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