I learned that my ex wife was unfaithful when she gave birth to a baby who is black.
I was stunned and so infuriated at her that I came very close to giving her a smack.
My ex best friend is the baby’s dad.
His betrayal really made me mad.
I should’ve realized what was going on but I was a fool.
I beat the hell out of him because what he did was cruel.
My ex begged me to forgive her and to help her raise the baby as my own.
I packed my things and walked out the door and now that vixen is all alone.
While she was pregnant, I was very happy because I thought the baby was mine.
That tart had a lot of nerve, she broke our wedding vows because she’s a swine.
The love that I once felt for her was something I savored.
I was faithful to that witch but she didn’t return the favor.
Infidelity is the one thing that I can’t forgive.
I’ll despise that woman for as long as I live.

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    This is a fictional poem.



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