Holding you tight,

Won’t let you out of my sight.

This is what it should,

I wish I could.


Wrap my hands around your neck

From time to time kissing your cheek.

Taking care of you when you get sick,

Saying I love yous in a wink.


Waking up with you in the morning,

Kissing goodnights in the evening,

Cuddling till it gets afternoon.

I wish we could be like this soon.


Showing different facial gestures,

Every weekend having adventures.

At night looking for constellations

With those sweetest motions.


Taking pictures together

Our love is sure forever.

Winter, spring, fall or summer

We’ll be there for each other.


Going with you in every concert,

 Smelling those fragrant in your shirt.

Spending some time in the movies,

Having picnic under the trees.


Driving me from home to my workplace,

Buying me coffee to my office.

Life will be so good to us

Like it never was.


But all of these are just my dreams.

Getting your heart will cost a lot of gems.

But I won’t give up

Until I reach the top.


And all the words mentioned in this poem,

I wish it to come true.

I wish it would,

Then I could.


I wish we would,

I Wish I Could.

  • :

    Hi! I wrote this poem for Riley Thomas Galbraith McDonough. My ultimate crush who is a member of the band Before You Exit. I always dream of spending my life with him, soon. :) I hope you like it. :)



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