I see them everywhere–sick souls everywhere. They’re waiting for a cure to surround them with pleasure. I see needles being stuck in their arms. I see doleful eyes, I see long faces. The exhausted children look feeble and they are not satisfied. The sick souls that cannot be cured are the ones that suffer the most, but you and I are blessed today because we survive with dialysis. we rely on this to survive; without it we would not be alive. Because of this treatment, we are safe and we get to see another day. I see them everywhere. I see children with cancer everywhere and I see their despairing mothers searching for answers, anxiously praying to find a cure that will help their greatest treasures sustain and endure the strain.

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    I wrote this poem because I am a Hemodialysis patient, and I have been on Hemodialysis for nearly 10 years. The reason why I wrote it is because I realized that there are other sick children in this world who do not have the same opportunities we have; those children have cancer, and chances of them surviving are miniscule. We are blessed because Hemodialysis keeps us alive while we wait for a kidney transplant. We cannot take things for granted, and we need to be thankful for what we have. I am so grateful to God for my Hemodialysis treatments, and I feel so blessed everyday I wake up!



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