Hello from the other side

As a voice call out to me!!!!!! 

Staring out visioning at a place we call home but yet is so cold

Only to feel n see the world we live in a place where loyalty is just a phase and don’t meet

Where people turn there back on they’re own human kind

Where brother n sister hood has no meaning to it 

Where people who hung amongst us there whole lives pretend to love or like us. Just set us up for the turn of no good to survive

My fellow people, when are u going to open your eyes n see

Martin Luther King Jr. marched for you n your freedom 

And to break the ice, Rosa parks knew what she wanted!!!!!!!! And that was a seat on that damn bus

Hello from the other side !!!!!!

As a voice called out to me but only in a shouting but crying voice this time

Consequences to Repucousons is the reason why the road we chose to live

Only to wake up and in fear that one of us is dead

Murder she wrote

The news they deprive us 

People when are u going to stand n rise together

Only to see Harriet Tubman went her where abouts

To help our ancestors to escape

Traveling thru the underground

N saw that she’ll get us out

Hello from the other side

A voice called out to me 

But Just This Time Is Was Quite Demanding

Its time to break those chains and make a stand

Put your differences a side for once and rise 

A loud and spoken mouth is better than one without any words

Its time my black people 

Stand proud rise and say hello its me I am the otherside

I am the of the nation on which I stand

God created me/us because we had a plan.

Hello from the other side.


Carlissa Williams



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