I never used to believe people,

Who said they had their heart broken,

When people took them for granted,

And used their love as a token.

But one day I realized that they were right,

And everything they said was true,

Until it was me in the bathroom crying,

While no one outside had a clue.

I sat there in the bathroom,

As the faded mascara ran down my cheek,

It was then that I realized,

That loving people only made us weak.

It wasn’t just the betrayal,

Nor was it the heartbreak,

It was one of the many risks,

That I was too confident to take.

I always made sure I was never,

Ever too close to anyone,

‘Cause usually the ones we would take the bullet,

Are the ones standing behind the gun.

From then on, I started pushing people away,

I started making a distance from pain,

Until, it’s today that I’m in the bathroom,

And it’s happening all over again.

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    Just so you know, I have not written this about a boyfriend of mine. This poem is about my best friend, who left me heartbroken. Friends can break heart too.



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