It gets lonely
In the land of the dark;
No one laughs,
No dogs bark;
The wind is chilly,
Fog soaks the ground;
The ghosts had had enough,
So, they called a meeting in the town.

They came from the moon and stars,
From beyond the Milky Way;
They gathered from the highways and fields
For this magnanimous day;
They met in a lofty, stone castle
Called the Pinnacle of Dreams,
A fortress of secret mystery,
Surrounded by a crystal stream.

“Let’s go to the realm of light,” a ghost proposed,
“As we did so long ago;
Sometimes these shadows are just too much,
If you want to know!”
“We want to walk among humans,” another ghost declared,
“And go from house to house;
I could use s friendly face
Even if it is a mouse!”

The ghosts thought, planned,
And consulted the stars;
They needed the right alignment
Or things could get bizarre;
Eureka! They found a day
In perfect harmony with the sun;
They deemed that Halloween
Would be October 31.

This story happened long ago,
Before recorded time,
And every October 31
The ghosts are in their prime;
You hear them singing
In the frigid, whistling wind,
And as the corn stocks whirl and dip,
They are dancing once again.

The grinning pumpkins,
With their scary, flickering light,
Guide the way,
As they frolic on this night;
From house to house they go,
And, who knows, they may visit you;
Don’t be afraid, no need for alarm,
A friendly smile and a snack will do!



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