My heart lingers on desire

For the love not yet found.

For you hold the key to my heart

To sustain me throughout the lonely nights.

As I stare at an empty ceiling

My thoughts race towards you.

The future is near but so far away

For me to hold you in my arms.

I am lonely with only half a heart

As I suffer on in silence.

To pray is to wish for you

But I must, to keep on living.

I have to find you in my dreams

Only than the dreams become reality. 

  • :

    Life event where my judgment was clouded about who my true love was.  

A little about me, hmmm. I always found words to be very powerful way of expressing one self regarding the everyday life events. Some are good some are bad and when one event hits you like a truck and it's amazingly hard to recover and keep going I found that writing words on paper really really helps. All my poetry is from my heart and I really don't read poetry which I found strange. Hopefully my poetry will help you deal with life's problems like it helps me.



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