Going Home
In memory of J.C. Kennedy
(my father) 
April 16 – 1920 to – December – 7 – 1971
It was a dark and lonely day 
The day my daddy went away
He said take care of your mom , don’t cry
I’ll see you soon at home
They took him in a long white car
To there nearest hospital
Mom went too . I could not go .
I was not old enough I was told .
Three days went by
Mom by his side.
I sat alone and cried and cried .
They let me in ,it seemed a sin .
I only got to say (Good by)
(I love you) Please don’t die
He had told the man in the next hospital bed
The day before he died
I’m going home tomorrow,nice meeting you , good by!
Thirteen years have come and gone 
But on the 7th of December
I still will remember 
DARK and lonely day
The day my daddy

Went away



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