give me a gun – i just want to have some fun
don’t just say no – we don’t do guns here
I know that they can hurt and make people fall down
but I like playing guns and pointing it up and down
so don’t just say no – teach me how and why
some guns hurt and make people cry
and then teach me some more about how guns can be good
and keep down the numbers of deer in the wood
tell me guns can be water ones for getting all wet
and be part of the summers i will never forget
don’t just say no – teach how some guns have laser and lights
like Buzz Lightyear- he does things right
so please teacher think before you just say no
let me be a child and learn through my play
pretending with guns wont make me want to kill someone one day !

  • :

    Working as an early years practitioner inspired me to write this poem as many settings allow no gun play yet it seems to be a natural part of boys play and development , they make guns from Lego, stickle , knex and any thing they can find so why try to stop this? 

    I was asked on several forums why and how do you manage it hence the poem which I think sums it up, like anything in life there are risks which children need to understand fully and be able to take by teaching them as we go they are more likely to understand then to just say no ! 



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