A girl is an outline of her mother’s palm,
And provokes her a life of tranquil, peace and calm.

She curls up in her mommy’s arms,
Assured of being rescued and liberated from all the harms.

Far more than the stress of her duty,
She is more concerned about her beauty.

Over and over again, she atempts to shape her pony tails,
But turns out pale, whenever she fails.

Despite of amusing herself, she assists her mother,
While her brother doesnot at all even bother.

Now, she is a grown up who prepares luscious food,
But it’s all smashed in the worst mood.

She withstand through a life of calamities,
However, she is gratified with the least facilities.

No wonder she is fifty years old,
For her pro-creator, she is nevertheless, a gold.

Even the nasty one is her mother’s pearl,
Meaning to her – The Entire World!



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