There’s summer, there’s winter, there’s autumn and spring
Oh such joy they bring

In summer there are lots to do
You can discover things that are new
In summer it is not good to wear a sweater
For you will sweat sweat sweat forever

In winter it is freezing cold
That may be the reason for all the sweaters sold
Some families go hiking on mountains
Iv’e seen 1 or 2
Remember, maybe Elsa can be there too!

In autumn the color of the leaves change
It may be red, orange or yellow
But that isn’t strange

In spring I can see flowers blooming, children playing and birds singing.
This is my favorite time of the year because every time it comes, I cheer, cheer cheer!

God has a purpose for every season of life
So don’t give any lame reasons
just love the four season



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