How do I explain the pain that I’m feeling

It’s like a cut from which I won’t be healing

Our friendship was a plant that I was sowing

Not realising it was the weed that was growing

Each day that I spent on loving and caring

Are the days that I’m now regretting


I’m mad at myself for being so blind

After seeing your true colurs unwind

I feel lonely, I feel used

Because you’ve left me all confused and bruised

I was always there for you when you needed me

But now you’re the one who causing the pain to me


I feel a range of emotions that I’ve never felt before

Ambivalence is one of them that I now adore

Because I hate you for leaving me stranded like this

And yet I love you for the moments I have to reminisce

I have forgiven you but not yet forgotten

Because my brain signals a sign saying caution


  • :

    Especially for all the fake friends in the house who say that they love you but lowkey hate you.

    Just know, people are not affected by the enemy who attacks them, but a fake friends who hugs them. 



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