There’s a growing phenomenon of pictures on here
Now I’m not against photos, I’ll just make that clear
It’s the postures and poses and ridiculous faces
Eyebrows uprooted and in the wrong places.

“I’m glamourous” thinks the girl who looks like a trout
Expression of a duck, with her lips sticking out
A group photo with pals is her big chance to shine
She ensures her place at the end of the line.

She stands sideways on, her hands on her hips,
Her head tilted slightly and puckers her lips
She’s practised her pose time and again
To accentuate her figure, a perfect size 10

She bends one leg slightly and sticks out her butt
Then she’s still as a statue ‘til the shutter snaps shut
Her skin is so orange, nails hazardously long
She can’t walk in those heels and the dress is just wrong

But she’s compelled to do it, to achieve her best look
Before that photo appears on her mates’ Facebook
She’s hoping for ‘LIKES’ she’s praying for ‘SHARES’’
It makes her feel good, like somebody cares

It’s so superficial, it’s so bloody fake
Is this really the world we’ve decided to make?
So don’t be a copy, don’t be a clone
But most of all, girls, leave your eyebrows alone.



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