even though you make me wait for answers that never come
ive been waiting so long for you, my hearts
becoming numb.
even though we have taken a turn
and not a turn for good
our love is now lacking things a
good relationship should.
even thouigh we still have a chance
a chance to start anew
to rekindle old sparks and love
and new committments too.
even though were not together
i still love you if not more
theres a nagging feeling in me
that I just cant ignore.
even though I long for us to
be together againfor you to treat me like you did before and for me to call you my man
even though life is short
id want to wait for you
if we could only start again
id give love you never knew.
even though you dont love me
like you did before
id make you fall in love with me
and love forever more!



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