The shallow pool

Lit by the pale lantern moon

Rippled as you rose up

And left the watery gloom


With a short sword

Silver steel and nicked blade

The forest beckons you

Into a round glade


Waiting in the center

Glowing all her own

Stood a wrathful fairy

Wearing a dark gown


“You have slighted me!”

She cried angrily

“Rejected my hospitality!

“So listen closely!”


A glimmer of magic

Began to light her hands

“I curse you now!” 

She said with a glare.


“To ever wander

“From coast to coast to coast

“Never to find a home

“Unless with this oath–“


The fairy suddenly

Switched to the magic language

Brightening the glade

With the glare of black magic


“Orothu vertirm alu,

“Contran delis rviae notariar,

“Deil glavir nudra balin,

“En devar contentmentaria tormentar!”


She swore with vigor

And pointed a finger at you

The evil magic blasted out

Just as the clouds uncovered the moon


Under the silvery light

The red hue changed to blue

A raven cawed, impossibly loud

As the power hit into you


Wings exploded from your back

And black feathers caught your sight

And you realized quick

They were yours, all right


The fairy stared in empty shock

At the wings upon your back

While you leapt into the night

With wings of wind, midnight black


Immediately you think with a laugh

Fate plays her strings well

Up until now, today,

You were one of the water elves!


Before long you fly to a lakes’ shores

And stop for a break

When instead of your reflection true

You see a corpse, bloody, wreaked


With shock you stumble from the waters

And stare at the dirty pond

For when you look at the trees

You see the motion in their fronds


Dark magic at work here!

warned a plaque on the other side

Do not drink of these waters

Or never again truly think!


Poison pervades this water

As you start to abruptly realize

No fish frolic in it’s depths

And somewhere inside, what drinks from it dies


The stars at your back

And the rising sun at your head

Marked your progress through the air

As the sky turned from black to red


With but your little sliver of a sword

And the ripped clothes on your back

You alighted in a small town

To find a quick snack


Spotted first by a human

One of a multitude

You were hailed with cries of

“Monster! Beast! Demon!”


Trying to enter the town didn’t work

The villagers tossed stones at you

And if you tried to speak and prove your innocence,

Then torches were what they threw


Cold, hungry and alone

You left the settlement in shame

What was the point of fair trade

If you got attacked for just saying your name?

You began to wander the forest

Left in exile, alone

From those foolish beings, humans,

By whom you were on sight condoned


Many, many years gone past

Since that first, fateful night

When the fairy breathed her last word

And cursed you to this exiled life


Since which you had traveled

All throughout the world

Never stopping, never pausing 

For long before the curse took hold


When in the very center

Of a vast mountain range

You came upon what on first glance seemed

To just be a typical cave


Since they were good to sleep in

Dry and protected from prying eyes

You chose to enter the dark morass

Of stalactites and stalagmites, cold and dry


A growl stopped you in your tracks

As it floated through the air

And then a golden glow

Lit the cave from farther in there


“Who is it that dares enter my home,

“A challenger, a friend or foe?

“Why are you here and when will you leave?

“If you have not a reason, then spare yourself–go!”


When you hear the rumbling voice

Lower than seemed possible

You realized this was a type of kin of yours

A dragon, old, mighty and powerful


“What are you waiting for?”

Questioned the dragon

“Announce yourself, make yourself known

“Or turn around and leave my home!”


“I hold no love for trespassers

“And even less for thieves

“Know this: if you incur my wrath

“You’ll forever be in fear of me!”


With a heavy heart and shaking voice

You shouted out, “I am,

“One cursed to wander the night skies alone,

“Kin of yours is who I am!”


“My name is Innara

I’m a shadow of the night

“No thief am I, nor as I know

“A trespasser by any right,”


“Know this now, I am cursed,

“A cruel woodland fairy did it to me!

“I will let you be alone

“So long as you do the same for me,”


By the end, you had all but left the cave

When the growl returned

With earnest, the dragon cried out

“Wait–don’t leave, return!”


“My cave is empty and rather cold

“And some company is long overdue,”

To this you turned and cried, “But if it is so

Why is it not that long ago out of your cave you flew?”

“Alas, it is a sorry tale

“And one long and complex

“But suffice to say that I am barred in

“And it is my fault I am such a wreck!”


“Being small–you are human, right?

“You might be able to fit through the bars

“Perhaps you can let me out of here

“And then I assume I would be able to travel far.”


At this point you decide

With a lifting heart and quick feet

You will go back and help the dragon

 And see if you can help him be free


Alas, once you reach the bars

Your wings are just too wide to fit

Not much is left that you can do

Except by the ceiling nervously flit


“There–” the dragon commanded

“Lift that lever there,

“Unlock the door to my cage

“And together we can take to the air!”


“As friends together or separate we could travel

“Never in fear of capture or doom

“Think about it, what do you think?

“As a dragon, you’ll not fear while you roam…”


“As a dragon!” you scream, with sudden shock

“Did you not hear, I’m under a curse

“At this point, things are bad, but

“With my luck, it will only make things worse!:


“Yes, you may think that’s so,”

cajoled the dragon sweetly

“But wait before judging so swiftly,

“Or you will never find that which may aid ye!”


“Us dragons, we make our own magic

“Which negates most curses

“Unless it’s done under the light of a full solstice moon

“Dragonhood will make the curse go away, not make it worse…”


“Even if it was under the right blue moon

“Being a dragon has it’s perks

“The darkest cloud’s got a silver lining

“It’ll help to lessen even the strongest curse…”


“So what do you say, Innara,

“Will you let me out and join me?

“And let your curse wash away…

“Or will we both die alone and trapped?


“But can you ever go back?

“What if dragonhood doesn’t appeal to me?

“Can I leave my scales and wings behind

“And go back to what I was?”

“The solstice moon was an aid to my curse

“And even now shades my thoughts and mind…”

Thinking deeply, you must decide

Whether to let the dragon out or leave him behind


Finally you make your choice

Flip the lever and wait

“Make me a dragon, please!”

You ask not a second too late


“Yes, I will, but it will take a while

“Dragon magic is strong but this must go deep

“Stay here, stand still

“Or maybe you should go to sleep?…”


“Just keep yourself still

“Or else this could go awry

“And one final thing, you must not speak

“Or there’s a good chance you’ll mess it up and die


Starting to doubt the usefulness

And safety of the spell

“Wait–have you done this before?”

“Yes–but to you the cautions did I not tell?”


“I’m beginning the spell

“It is silent but complex

“And just the slightest mistake

“Can have untold effects!”

“So try not to speak,

“For once your babbling is a danger

“If you want I can put you in a short coma

“But you should probably be in control during something this major.”


For three days and three nights. you sat in silence with the dragon

But nothing changed, no lie

Until he suddenly pointed outside on the last night

Where the winter solstices’ moon hung limply in the sky


Then the dragon breathed out a stream of fire

Which changed to green in the moonbeams

Where it hit you nothing changed in your eyes

But the magic shifted and like a dragon’s gleamed


Suddenly excitement rushed through you

And filled the tiredness in your veins

The tattered feathers slowly started dropping from your wings

As feathers on dragon wings aren’t retained


And thus, Fate struck another high note on her harp

As the transformation came to an end

Thus the Water elf became an Air-tossed flyer

And became a Fire dragoness in the end


Alone for more, you learn

How to shrink your dragon wings

The humans, foolish and judgemental

Only then will sell you things


Eventually the time becomes today

As you pass through age upon age

You wander the world, camera in hand

Ever amazed how humans have turned the page


But every once in a while, you meet again one of your kin

A dragon swept up and tossed by time’s tempests

Or mayhap a fairy, one you met long before

And who met a dark fate by a dragon vicious

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    Kind of self explanatory

    I was trying out second person perspective

uh i'm writing a book please dont judge my stupid poems. this is an attempt at something interesting and id rather you dont mess with it--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- also, i draw (like my avatar: i drew that even though its bad)



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