Eating too much liquorice

Can kill you

Said the headline in the Washington Post

The black kind of course,

Not the red.


Eating a bag of liquorice

Makes your ankles swell up,

Your potassium plummet,

And your blood pressure soar.


A woman with some of these symptoms

Walked into ER and declared,

‘I might be having a heart attack.’


She was rushed to intensive care

Where they found out all that was wrong

But no sign of heart failure,

Until, a lowly registrar asked,

‘Have you been eating liquorice?’


‘Why yes!’ she replied,


And that’s when they made the connection.


So I won’t be eating liquorice

Because it’s bad for me.

I did like liquorice allsorts though.

  • :

    This poem is based on a real life event publicised in the Washington Post in January 2015



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