Night came

As moonlight slipped through the window

Illuminating the room

Making way for the shadowy shapes of night creatures

My eyes were wide open

Sleep quite elusive

I remembered the girl that I was

The innocence

The beguiling playfulness

The particular joys of simplicity

With mind full of perfect ideals

With heart that wished for lasting happiness

Dreaming about love that is eternal

But as time went by

I was left wondering

Why no one had ever thought

To warn me about

The pain of making mistakes

The hurt caused by unfulfilled wishes

The  torment from misled ideals

No one had warn me about

The consequences of making the wrong decisions

That left me wishing

That I had known things beforehand

Things I would have been better prepared  for

Things  I might have handled differently

And now

Many years later

As I plump my pillows

And snuggle down under the covers

Preparing myself to sleep

Urging my mind to rest

As the moon hides behind the dark clouds

And shadows were overcome by the velvet night

The dreams were gone

And so was the girl.



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