Physically she’s unknown to me,
But by her sweet name, I see.
How did she came in my heart?
Yet I didn’t met her, but heard.
She came with a dream at night,
With a bouquet, sat at my beside.
“Chandela”, as herself introduced me,
At once, I took down and came to see.
A girl of this world, is she?
O God! Who is it may be!

By Bipin Ch Rabha

A young boy named Bipin, who belongs to NE INDIA. He born on 5th August, 1990. His father's name is Lt. Mrigen Rabha and mother's name is Jaleswori Rabha. He passed his matriculation in 2006 and Degree with Honours in Phillosophy from NEHU, Shilllong in 2011. He is now studying his Master Degree at IDOL, GU, Guwahati.



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