The morning light shines down on a new day.
There’s something I should be thankful for
But lost without the words to say.

Overwhelmed with deep regret & heavy shame.
Now to me all my days seems the same.
I never use to feel this way. Who could of known You wouldn’t stay?

I took advantage your loyalty and trust never  a thought of all the love that you lost. My mindless sin pushed you so far away.. you left Me
because your love was portrayed.

Your not to blame for my ultimate displeasure
My volatile action caused our bond to be severed. I realize now your heart was defeated. No more do you love me because I cheated.

Reality starts to creep in and abuse me.
tender and raw to the touch don’t you see.
Im literally fighting to get out of my skin.
Im a liar and a cheat over and over again.

Forgiveness means absolutely Nothing
After so many times you’ve found me disgusting. As You turn to walk away I tremble in tears .
Because a life without you seems so unclear

May happiness find you wherever you go and may no other woman make you feel so low .

  • :

    Knowing the hurt and pain Im responsible for causing to the one person I am suppose to love and one day hoped to honor and cherish will always be in front of my mind.  Im so sorry for everything Ive done. I love you.



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