Life:Ressurection Of Wanderer

Like a shuddering breeze,
Veiling the pain of Heart,
Deep inside the Depths,
Passing through hopes,Raising High,
So unknown & unseen,unheard too,
Murmuring in the mist,high &dry,
So lonely in black,getting off beam,
Shoting to flee, tears resonate;
Kneading scars,too traumatized,
scaring dreams actually,Stuck in tears;
Tumbled hard,& hard,& hard;
Seeking Life in Green;
Ahh!Distances,dealing dead;
Getting no way out,Bewildered;
Down in the shrouds,seeking abyss;
Aching to flee death,To reveal;
Unrevealed,unnoticed & unspoken,which was;
With pearls, full of life;
A voice bursted Outta Bossom;
So loud & flashy,making death bleed,
Trouncing the hollowness of Exile;
“I Exist,I Exist,I Exist” . . .



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