November 11th was a day of victory
So many soldiers gave up their lives voluntarily
A day of memory, a day of war, a day of bravery and a day to mourn
Families were torn till the day they came back
Some fought through, but some were attacked
True heroes to us is what you are, leaving us with great memory in our hearts
Take a minute of silence it’s only a pittance of time
For on that day all they would hear were explosions and that would be their sign
They then take a deep breath
For they wouldn’t know if it would be life or death
Too much to say, about Remembrance Day
Thousands of soldiers, in Flanders fields they lay
With respect and love we shall begin to repay
Repay them back for the free country we have today
In our hearts forever you shall stay
November 11 is the day we shall all remember; because that’s the day they all surrendered



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