Slender man slender man.

I cant say I remember when it all began

I remember the wind

Harsh and welcoming

I stared into the trees, not knowing

I took the blade and before I got going

The black branch, it grabbed my wrist

And in the mist

I must confess

A man with no face dressed to impress

Spoke in a devilish voice

“you’ve made your choice.”

A circle with an X through it

That’s when I became who I am

No longer a man

But here I am

Singing about violets being blue

Your blood being red


Because im that monster that resides in your head 

  • :

    im obsessed with creepypasta and i remember all the times i wanted too feel different. the person in the poem, ready to kill them self is stopped and their soul now belongs to the creepypasta family 



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