I need to stand up tall
Fight for what I believe in and break through the walls
Look normal on the outside but inside she calls
Calls out as her conscience, telling her to be strong
And carry on
Life will never be a song
Her thoughts are like a surreal fairy tale
Her mind is on the bathroom scale
I want to inhale
But my heart is heavy
Stop thinking you need to be perfect already
Then you emotions will become steady
I am your thoughts but you seem to block me out
Trusting yourself has never been your route
Start believing in yourself without a doubt
You don’t know what you have till it’s gone
So stop believing that your life has gone all wrong
I’m telling you to be strong
As your conscience I’ve wanted to tell you all along
You’re perfect, in each and every way
Your smile is brighter than the sun in the day
Your eyes tell a story of dismay
When i tell you to trust yourself, please obey
And in your mind ill continue to pray



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