I couldn’t help but ask myself

What do I really want in my life

Been reading those books on my shelf

Somehow gives me ideas and light


Questions keep turning

Passion is really burning

All these kept on churning

Still the same question I am asking


Stuck in the circle of confusion

Worsen by some illusions

I know there’s a big reason

And discovering it is my mission


Big opportunity came my way

And together with that you came

Should I bid goodbye and turn away

Just to achieve my desired fame?


Should I change my life?

Or miss my flight?

Confused as I always feel

Trying to know what is real


It is hard to decide

Between the person you love

And the chance that you have

Truly hurts deep inside


Whatever my decision will be

I’ll make sure it’s worth it

That can set my heart free

From all my regrets


Reaching dreams aren’t that easy

Sometimes it is also risky

But if you know that it is worth fighting for

Then no one can stop you from dreaming more

  • :

    This poem was made out of my uncertainties. I always feel confused and disappointed of the decisions I made in life but then, reaching your dreams are one of the most fulfilling things that one can ever have.



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