during twilight as sun changed to molten gold
as fireflies came to earth a thousand stars
as dandelions danced on the dewy grass
as the golden blanket covered it while the sun went far

i remember the fresh smell of new hay
i remember the hidden pine trails we use to run in
joyous swims we had in crystal water some days
secret chirping we use to take in

i remember starry nights we use to gaze
while the owls hooted and the lonely wolf howled
i remember the smell of wet earth
as the raindrops went pitter patter on the ground

i remember the song of the morning dove
secret murmuring of the nightengale
the smell of roses i learned to love
as the wind tickled it and hailed

these stories of were all of grandma i had
these places i dream of and its tough
the eternal stories i remember when sad
these chidhood memories i so dearly love



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