Her beauty has no end

her armor shines a bright

She has no friends she has no life except 

to win the fight 


Oh desperate heart who turns to her 

in hope to intercede

What price is paid to her in deed for a life they want to lead.


Her name strikes fear for all who hear 

her fame is known to all

She the warrior angel fights for you both great and small


No one dares desire her

but every woman knows

To fight the fight we cannot win to her we all must go


Once past the calm and steady hand 

has drawn the surgeons knife

To where she stands her sword is drawn to give each person life


Prepared and ever ready

into battle where she goes

To fight the dreaded cancer cell that every human knows


And when her ruthless work is done

the body she will leave

What’s left of it for you and your 

family now to cleave


-Glen Purdy ©  2015


 July 31, 2015



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