yea i meet this boy online it was so different when i would sit up all night talking to him for 3 in a half hours it was like i would straighter in to my computer so deep it would fell like i was really with him he mad me fell special he always check up on me all thought the day making sure i was ok..Yes he said he wont’s to meet me in person but how do i know if he would be the teen boy he told me he is..You always gotta watch out for child abuser online u never know who u really r talking to online never fall for a guy or woman on Facebook twitter anything cause like me i talked to this boy for 2 whole moths in im still trying to figer out if he is a real boy..U never wont to talk to somebody who u dont know or less ur friends have them a mutul Friends or something in if they do just as ? about them cause u will fell really hurt if they where somebody eles..Thats why me as a teen girl gotta be careful in try to see if i can get anything out of anybody in when u do block them cause that mean they anit the person they said they where so yea



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