Walking down the street,
her head is facing down.
Concentrating very hard,
she sports a heavy frown.

Searching on her phone,
for the closest hair salon.
She walks by the first one,
as grandpa gives a yawn.

Her phone is acting up,
she’s getting quite upset.
Walks right by the second one,
which is right next to the vet.

Suddenly the battery dies,
and her face engulfs concern.
Helpful people walk right by,
at every single turn.

She sits down right there,
and just begins to cry.
Her tears soak her phone,
in sober social life goodbye.

A stranger notices and stops,
and gently asks what’s wrong.
She explains her dilemma,
and admits she’s not that strong.

He begins to laugh,
and forgets about console.
He tells her with a smile,
she’s right next to her goal.

She brushes off her tears,
and stands up very straight.
Looks through the window and notices,
that this salon is great.

Receives a wonderful haircut,
and for the rest of that fateful day,
Connects with people face to face,
with the sun as her new display.

by Martin Dejnicki



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