Don’t hate me cause I’m black,

Don’t try to hold me back,

Don’t hate the things I do,

Cause others told you to,


Don’t hate me cause I’m white,

Don’t think you got the right,

Don’t paint me with the lies,

Like hate is in my eyes,


Don’t think that I don’t feel,

Like life for me ain’t real,

Don’t think that I don’t care,

I hear that everywhere,


Don’t think that I’m the one,

That helps to get that done,

Just cause my skin is white,

Don’t make me think it’s right,


Just treat me like a man,

That’s what I really am,

Just cause my skin is black,

Don’t stab me in the back,


Don’t think I’ve always had,

The thought that you are bad,

Don’t think I want you down,

Or in some other town,


This black man wants to say,

If more would think this way,

We’d help to fill the gap, 

And change the color map,


This white man wants to say,

It’s good to talk this way,

What’s said between us two,

Might change the things we do,


Races should be run,

And colors are for paint,

People should be free,

From labels that they ain’t.


    Lots of rhyming poems, never shared publicly. Retired senior citizen now, that still has the desire to communicate with words that make us think a little deeper. I once thought of publishing some of them under the title "Simple Rhymes for Simple Times", but raising a family and other worthwhile obligations always seemed to bump it further down the list.



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