I thought shopping on Black Friday was a good idea but it was not.
I learned that the hard way at Wal-Mart when I got shot.
Wal-Mart had a seventy-five percent off sale on Blu-Ray Disc Players and DVD Recorders.
When I grabbed the last Blu-Ray, a man demanded that I give it to him but I ignored his order.
I wouldn’t give it to him so he shot me when I refused.
Now I’m in the ICU and my life is something I’ll lose.
The doctors have been trying to save me but I know that I won’t make it.
I didn’t know that I’d get shot over a Blu-Ray Player, I should’ve let him take it.
My wife and son are holding my hands for the last time.
Soon I’ll be dead because of this senseless crime.
Be careful during the next Black Friday or you may be a victim too.
I’m about to die and it could’ve just as easily have been you.
My family is about to lose the husband and father who they love.
Black Friday Violence is something that everybody should be aware of.

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    Even though this is a fictional poem, Black Friday Violence really is a threat.



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