I get it that I’m silly

I’m bitchy and a bit crazy

I get it that I get upset 

And for little things I fret

I get it that you’re mature

And I can’t be like you are

But trust me oh my dear

I’ll always be right here

Cause at the end of the day you were there

Explicitly proving that you care

Although now and then we fuss

Little things matter to us

All my stories that you hark

Holding my hand in the dark

Determines that our friendship holds true

And soon the world will realise it too

  • :

     I am the craziest and the goofiest person you’ll ever meet. My bestfriend on the other hand is the sweet and genuine one. We’ve moulded each other, helped each other and loved each other and we’ll continue to do the same. We inspire each other. And I guess that is why our friendship has worked out so well. 



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