Wenne Madyt Dengs

Wënnë Madyt Dengs well-known as Gabriel Marial Madit is a spirited young South Sudanese poet who developed his strong passion for writing for years while in high school. His first endeavor into literature was first poetry collection ‘Art Wizard’ published online by CreateSpace publishers, Amazon. However, he writes copious journalistic articles which are published by different newspapers and websites as well as his participation in various journalism activities in South Sudan.

I am not hidden in the heart of no human
I was born to tie before I die;
the demon that exists beneath man’s eyes
My eyes are not green either,
I’ve an optical faraway from mankind’s

With all I promised this world
My humanely soul dies everyday
Gossips have scorched my heart
I’m squeezed into a tiny being
I dwell in the room of endurance

I just closed my eyes,
and held my breath
I didn’t know
this betrayal
In the race for the honey
It would tarnish sight

I never knew
That I was an enemy of a insanity
I just had to let’s go
We’re meant to be tempted

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    Life as an unpredictable series

We’re born in a graveyard
Where we feed on the dead
Our skin as pale as a death
We’re breed as ghosts

We celebrate the death of our fellows
It’s where we get innate free lunch
Hunger has depleted our ethics
Our egotism propels our hearts

We’re humans without customs
We dance on the graves
To shed our glee
As we flee to hell

When we’re starving
To acquire curse
By stirring the blood
We carry the ghostly cross
In our hands to our hearts

When a child dies
We vow and form a dyke
When a man dies
We converge and fill our bellies;
with wrathful manna
To undo our hearts away
Since his death is a function of our sin

Which niche are we inheriting?
In the days of revelation
Human eats human
A real sign of a devil victory
Is here!

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