I am a high school student who likes poetry. Need i say more?

Emotional Tornado

First, I’m happy

For you, for him

For the love you share

For the new memories you are making

Then, I’m sad

He isn’t me

You don’t love me

Our memories are fading,

But not for me

Then I’m mad

He took you

Held you, when you wouldn’t let me

Gives you everything you want

Everything you ever wanted

Then I’m sad, again

I gave you everything I could

Nothing I ever did made a difference

You packed your things, and went straight to him

And now I remember

I’m happy

I no longer have to be used for money

My feelings are mixed, like an emotional tornado

But I stop at this

Thank you, for helping me see

A new side of you, I couldn’t believe

If my love isn’t enough for you

It is enough for someone better


Good bye

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Listen to the words

Not the meanings

But how you feel


When life gets hard

There is a comfort

Like no other

In music


Just listen

Let your mind go free

Free from stress

Free from anger


Free from everything in the world

Free from life

Feel the beat

Be the beat


Music isn’t just people singing

It is a passion, a cure

Dance, sing, listen

The only thing in this world you can trust

To help you, to understand you



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    When I was younger, I always listened to music. I didn't care what type it was. I always got bullied, because the kids believed that you can only like one type. I loved it all. I loved the meaning, and the way the music made me feel. I still do, granted I now only listen to very selective genres. My life revolves around music, because it helps me escape everything going on now.

Sayings: Life and curve-balls


We have heard of sayings,

Sayings about life

Sayings like:

When life gives you lemons,

You make lemonade

Well I have a saying

A saying that goes like this:

When life throws you a curveball,

You hit life in the face with the bat

Sayings about life

Sayings are for the weak

You are not weak

You are strong

We have heard of sayings

But nothing like mine

Mine are like the thorn on a red rose

They hurt

But a lesson is learned

A lesson in sayings

Sayings about life.





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