well i m hemika. i am a student. studying in 9. i don't write poems on regular basis but now i have one and i want to share it i love sing and dance. and also to write new songs

If I would be an butterfly,

I would be full of colors.

When I would fly here and there,

Everyone would stare.


I would fly in the sky,

very-very high,

I would collect the nectar,

 And make honey in the hive.


I will move in through the long fields,

which has lot of colorful flowers.

I will choose the prettiest one,

and will sit on it for hours.


I will fly over the mountains,

and the deep valleys,

I will feel the peasant smell,

which the air carries….

    Beautiful nature, bountiful nature,

    nature is so pure.

    The greenery is so soothing,

    and it is for sure.


    The hopping bunnies,

    and the birds on the tree,

    when I see them,

    I feel so free.


    The blue limitless sky,

    and the brimming river,

    the water in it is so cold,

    that it makes me shiver.


    The cute butterflies,

    and the colorful flowers,

    Are so pleasing that,

    I can see them for hours.




      Music is an art,

      Music is an culture.

      It gives you relief,

      And does only nurture.


      Your stress goes off, 

      and it does your help.

      When you feel relieved

      you can take a nap.


      Words are its soul,

      and rhythm is its heart.

      It makes them happy,

      whom so ever is hurt.


      When it plays,

      a flow goes on.

      And when it stops,

      all that’s gone.


      • :

        I just love music and i also had a poem making competition, in which i made this...

        hope you like it. :)


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