Without you nothing makes sense,

Everything is lonely without you.

Without you nights are long and cold.

Without you I fell empty.

Without you the darkness scares me.

Without you the days are filled with rain.

Without you the sun does not shine.

Without you my soul dies.

Without you my world does not advance.

Without you by my side, my being feels forgotten. 

    Where are you my beloved,

    where do I find your heart.

    Where are you my soul mate,

    where do you sleep at night.


    Who will fill you with passion,

    where do I find your warmth.


    Where do I look for your touch

    that will fill me with love.


    Where are you my darling,

    where do I look for you!

    Where are your beautiful lips

    cause I’m dying to find you!

      Like a sigh , your voice calls. Likea wish, your presence lives in me.Like a caress, my skin belongs to your. Like love before becoming
      love, our souls are beasts of fire. Like the burning flame of your
      being, that blends with my entire