I'm gellie l. obensa, I am a fourth year college student, ahm actually my is not that cool, but i just wanna share it and inspire people through it. Most of my poems are based on my experiences in life...

When the moon blooms

and the sun shines 

there’s a star behind


When your mother cry

your father will let her fine

and you, will make her smile


When the rain will flow

thunder will go

and lightning will follow


When question is given 

meaning will lead you

to find the correct answer


when you dream big 

tears and sweat you gonna dig

before you gonna reach it


when problems come

don’t let it to rule you

cause God will help you


at the end conclusion will answer you

that everything you do

reasons will always follow




  • :

    everything we  do, there's always a reason behind it, we might not seen it now but time will come and you will always know the reason that you've been asking for...

Today is your day 

so happy birthday

we all know you’re happy

in your very special day


We, your family

are happy for you

we’re always here to support you

cause we care and love you so


we are grateful to have you

cause life nothing without you

you fill in the missing

and give it a meaning


continue to dream until at the  end

this is just the beginning 

so don’t stop pursuing your dreams

to make it happy ending


keep it up my dear sister 

don’t give up and live your dreams

this will be the end, so once again

happy happy birthday to you my dear sister


  • :

    this poems is all about showing love to our sister and it also shows how grateful we are to have them in our life...not only to our sisters but also to all the people we love..



If I could just reach the hill

without anything to sacrifice

maybe my tears will not flows by


If  we just have the money

to let them study free 

maybe they will not go away


If I just have the ability to fly away

maybe I can feel how to be truly free

and tell them how much I love and care for them


    flowing tears, overflow underneath

    swallowing your soul

    trying to overcome the pain 

    but suddenly it burns


    the pain coated your veins

    from inside to outside

    shouting for help, but nobody hears it

    and all you can do is to cry


    from the middle of the night

    you wept, cannot able to sleep

    until the night is over

    but the pain never goes away


    day by day, all over the night

    letting the pain to rule over your body

    and then sweeping you slowly

    until you goes away


    • :

      It is all about keeping the pain,until such day comes that you cannot able to hide the pain anymore...

    It fades away, tearing apart

    Loneliness hiding the cave

    Wanting to make you safe

       And kept it where you can’t feel it


    Outside your laughing

    But inside your crying

    You are not what you are

    ‘Cause you are just hiding


    You are wearing a mask

    Everything you act

    Might not be the fact

    Or just one of your mask


    You’re laughing silently

    you’re crying quietly

    You’re acting like you’re ok

    And just hiding your true feelings away




    • :

      These poem describes  a person who are trying to hide from the reality, who pretended to be happy even though his heart doesn't feel the same.