We may be living in the last days and people need to be aware.
My only question for you is are you prepared?
People must make drastic changes even though they’re unwilling.
People must stop stealing, doing and dealing drugs, lying and killing.
To get to God, we must go through his son.
Violent people had better put away their guns.
When Jesus returns, the Earth will be transformed into a paradise and I’m overjoyed.
But wicked people won’t live in the paradise, they will be judged and then destroyed.
If you’re a big sinner, you’d better stop committing your sins.
God wants everybody to live in paradise but the wicked won’t win.
To live in this paradise, people must love and honor Jesus and God because they are who we need.
People must start thinking of others instead of just themselves, they must put an end to their greed.
The end may come next week or it may not arrive for another thousand years.
But people who are doing wrong had better change just in case the end is near.



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