A four year old child went to bed,
with stories dancing in her head.
A child’s world, a child’s dreams
where beanstalks can grow from magic beans

Giants and adventures all could seem real
with the wonder that only a small child can feel.
And on one summer’s evening she planted some seeds
with her Uncle, who watered them and whispered “believe”

She soon fell asleep and slept through the night.
Now you know magic beans don’t exist? Right?
Well, the following morning, they flipping well did,
and there was one gobsmacked 4 year old kid.

A beanstalk had grown right there on the lawn.
Not there at night, but there by the dawn.
She wanted to touch it, but was too scared to shake it,
“There’s a giant up there – I don’t want to wake it.”

With total belief, she stared on in wonder
waiting for the roar of the giant to thunder

“Fee fi foe fum
I smell the blood of an Englishman”

There it was, the roar, the shout
The giant’s awake, time to get out.

Now this may all seem like complete fabrication
But there actually is a real explanation
For months before the child had been sowing
Some runner beans had been secretly growing

Hidden from sight, behind the shed
‘til my favourite uncle (who’s off his head)
dug them out and brought them round
to plant just outside, in the ground

So when the child, (who you’ve gathered is me?)
Got out of bed, and came to see,
there was the beanstalk, several feet high
Growing upwards towards the sky.

Perhaps I was gullible but the lesson I got
was that anything’s possible if you believe it a lot.
So thanks to my uncle, for his beanstalk creation
and for giving me an imagination!



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