I’m lying-awake, staring at the vast skies,
Full of hopes… Full of dreams…
Wishing of great love to conceive,
By this pain of uncertain love had been.

Wondering, how could someone easily broke one’s heart?
How could some people apace if they’re on my part?
How could a person you love makes your life miserable?
Simply left, turned his back with no words at all!

Does he have a soul?
When he took-off while my tears fall!
Why let me zip on that little happiness?!
And only annihilate my worthiness!

 I’m all here, staring at the vast skies…
While my heart crumpled, sliced!
Am I unworthy to be loved?
Why heartily broken is all I have?

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    A girl who just hardly loved her man but only left her hanging.  



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