There are a few people I love

Even more than the God above

To whom I could give all that I have

From whom I could ask for all that they have

They’re the ones who know that I’m insane

But they’re also the ones who stay with me when I’m in pain

They’re the ones who see the potential in me

They’re the ones who encourage me to fight rather than flee

They accept me for who I am

They know I am real, not a scam

They’re the angels that I found by a miracle

They’re the ones who help me pass every obstacle

At first I thought it was just a normal infactuation

But now I know that it’s true love’s sensation

They’re my family, they’re my friends

They’ve proved me that a bond like ours has no ends

  • :

    This poem is dedicated to the people who have been with me through it all ever since I've known them. It's for my family, especially my annoying sister, Lola . It's for my best friends- Erya, Priyanshu, Varun, Daksh, Smit, Aditi, Diya and Nikhil for you'll know you've made wonders in my life. I just felt that you'all were underappreciated so I wrote a poem for you all hoping it'd make you smile cause you all deserve to be happy. Love you  ;)



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