We’re just a bunch of regular folks who love writing poetry for fun. We also enjoy sharing our poems with our family, friends and the world.

We believe that every person on the planet is a poet because everyone has something to say. We all possess a unique perspective on life which we could all learn from.

So feel free to join and begin sharing your poetry with our community. Once you submit 10 poems, you’ll have the option to be included on this page as a contributing author.

Martin Dejnicki  poemnest-profile-1

I created Poemnest when I noticed a lot of visitors to my personal poetry site (anitapoems.com) wanted to share their own poetry as well. I’ve been writing diverse range of rhyming poems since 2007. Most of my poems are good-natured and easy to understand with the intent to share with loved ones on special occasions.

Over the years I’ve written many personal birthday poems for family and friends. In most cases, I have encouraged the recipients to read them out loud in front of their guests. Their reactions have always been positive and have inspired me to continue writing whenever I have a chance.

I hope you all enjoy this site and may it help bring a little bit of joy into your lives.