Look at that young mad man
For other it makes difference seem,
No times of any eating-drinking
And of roaming openly of him.

No times of bathing in hot
Wearing clothes and exchanging,
Bow down on way hundreds times
In a day how is it passing.

What did you asked him?
He had forgotten at once,
But arisen what he seem
In every times and chance.

No care of him on crowd
And on what he wearing on,
Murmuring something lonely
Suddenly when he speaking on.

Once he used reading-writing
And attend mass as he ran,
Sound body short statured
Anddoes jokes as he makes fun.

Once as his family arranged
He get married to a new one,
Lasting for a few months only
What for she came and break down.

That spearheaded on his heart
For him the world become hell,
As he being lost encouraged
And the way og life fail.

A teacher of an U.P. school
And he’s the only son of parent,
Dreamed to be a happy family
He’s none, but Pronob, my friend.

by Bipin Ch Rabha

A young boy named Bipin, who belongs to NE INDIA. He born on 5th August, 1990. His father's name is Lt. Mrigen Rabha and mother's name is Jaleswori Rabha. He passed his matriculation in 2006 and Degree with Honours in Phillosophy from NEHU, Shilllong in 2011. He is now studying his Master Degree at IDOL, GU, Guwahati.



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